Creative Writing

On this page you will find my short stories, novel excerpts and perhaps some of my plays (if I ever get round to writing them that is).
If you enjoy them or have any feedback, please do let me know in the comments. Any feedback is always appreciated!
These pieces are owned by me, so they are not to be used without prior consent. 

Rejection letters, feedback from my writing group and mock ups of covers that I made for my novels. All stuck to the back of my door.

Since this time last year the amount of feedback I have received for my writing has jumped about 80%. This, I have found, has been very crucial in developing my style as a story teller.
Each week my best friend and fellow writer Hannah and I set aside a day to write. This basically just involves two people sitting in the same room and writing. The motivation and support I have achieved from doing this, has helped me to no end.
Lastly, this year Hannah and I have joined a writing group at our university, where we have branched out and interacted with other aspiring writers. We have participated in flash fiction competitions and gone to workshops that get us talking about brainstorming techniques, how to write action, how to write dialogue and, well… basically every trick in the business!

Short Stories


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